code projects

code projects
I'm working on these days

beluga a standard C compiler

beluga is a standard C compiler being developed based on an earlier version of lcc. It supports C90 (to be precise, ISO/IEC 9899:1990) as its ancestor does and is planned to extend the coverage to C99 (and C11 finally).

ocelot a language extension library

ocelot is a collection of libraries to provide features that the C language lacks, various data structures that most programs use in common, and facilities for interaction between a program and its environment.

quokka an interactive file renamer

quokka is an interactive file renamer, which helps to rename multiple files in a systematic manner.

wcwidth.js a javascript porting of C's wcwidth()

wcwidth.js is a simple javascript porting of wcwidth() implemented in C by Markus Kuhn.

ontime a human-readable cron

ontime is a cron-like job scheduler with readable time expressions.

canary a music streaming server/client

canary is a package of a music streaming server and its companion iOS client that run upon DAAP. Employing DAAP for streaming and mDNS/DNS-SD for service advertisement let canary work perfectly with iTunes.